Roca elevates the bathroom with their brand new Inspira Colors Basins and WCs

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Roca, India’s leading manufacturer of bathroom products and a pioneer in premium bathroom solutions, recently introduced a new range of Basins and Water Closets (WCs) under their brand new Inspira Colors collection. Crafted to lend elegance, design, and perfect function to the bathroom space, the Inspira range has been designed to offer the consumers freedom to design their bathroom space.
The Inspira range is available in three elegant color options, namely Onyx, Coffee and beige. Additionally, customers can also choose one of the three design variants for the over the counter basins; Inspira Round, Inspira Soft and Inspira Square.
The new Inspira colors basins offer a lot of creative liberty to the consumers who intend to create an opulent and elegant bathroom space. The Inspira basins have been manufactured in FINECERAMIC®, a new high-quality ceramic material exclusive produced by Roca, making it 40% lighter, 30% sturdier and resilient and extremely resistant to abrasive materials. The Inspira WCs include the latest advances in innovation thanks to Roca´s determination to remain at the forefront of technology like the SUPRALIT resin by Roca which makes the WC’s more durable, more hygienic and easier to clean.
Commenting on the latest addition to the product range, Mr. KE Ranganathan, Managing Director, Roca Parryware, said, “At Roca, we stay ahead of the curve while designing our products and strive to offer stunning styles and a plethora of options to our customers that will fulfill their ever-evolving demands for aesthetically appealing bathrooms. The recent addition to our product portfolio, the Inspira Colors collection flaunts the latest in design trends and strives to provide a free reign to the creativity of our consumers. The sleek and elegant designs of these new fittings are perfect for any bathroom space. We intend to continue strengthening our product portfolio, keeping in mind the modern-day needs of individuals, and encouraging them to opt for innovative and cutting-edge bathroom fittings.”
The new Inspira Colors range is available across all Roca dealer outlets in India. Price will be provided upon request.

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