Hafele launches Diamond Baking Appliances

Bringing in convenience and flair to your cooking process, Hafele’s range of Premium Baking Appliances helps you achieve perfect results through various cooking techniques – baking, steaming, grilling, and roasting and so on.

The oven from the Diamond Series comes laden with advanced features like dual heatshield, infrared grilling, glazed doors and electronic control, and provides you with precise temperature accuracy for perfectly cooked meat or vegetables. The Combi microwave oven model provides the best of both – convection oven and microwave thus speeding up your cooking and expanding your horizons in trying out new recipes.

Diamond Neo Series: Specially curated baking appliances with a focus on efficient heat distribution for effective cooking and versatility while working with different food items.

· Diamond Neo 28 Built-in Microwave with Grill: A microwave featuring a nano-coated cavity and back wall with a diamond shaped pattern for efficient heat distribution and a flat-bed surface for maximum space utilization

· Diamond Neo 70 Built-in Oven: A multi-function oven armed with double low emissivity glass and high temperature resistant enameling for better and faster cooking, roasting, grilling and baking

Diamond 77 Combi Microwave Oven: An all-in-one baking appliance with the combined power of microwave and oven technologies, Diamond 77 is backed by a heat wrap system that ensures the food is cooked evenly from all sides and inside out. Thanks to the low emissivity glass coating that contains the heat within the oven, the door is always cool to touch from the outside. This oven comes with 10 convenient cooking modes that help the user cook a variety of baked / roasted dishes, 4 combi modes with microwave that shorten the cooking time by 50% and an Auto Cook Menu, crafted by Hafele Flavours, Hafele’s very own YouTube cooking channel.

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