Architecture Update is the first magazine of its kind, intended for aspiring and professional architects, interior designers, and developers with a focus to DELIVER and deliver only NEW. A monthly magazine, it consists primarily of work contributed by Indian and global architects along with few interesting and award winning works of structural and civil engineers as well as by others who occasionally delve into the design realm of specializing in residential, commercial and industrial architecture in domestic and international markets. The magazine examines contemporary life through various kinds of design viz: architecture, interior design, product design, structural design, graphic design, crafts, planning, and preservation with its subjects range varying from the sprawling urban environment to intimate living spaces to small objects of everyday use.

In looking for why design happens in a certain way, we explore the economic, environmental, social, cultural, political, and technological context. With our innovative graphical presentation and re-presentation and provocative voice, we not only show how richly designed our world can be, but also create a professional attitude with the idea to encourage designers to be creative, developers to be innovative, and overall be well versed in the print and online environment.

Through our integrated platform of print and online medium, we serve our audience with new trends and developments, infrastructure technology, infrastructure and product innovations, relevant researched news, views and project analysis, academia and other business opportunities. We also aim to be a public forum to profile leading individuals and their contributions to the profession and society.

Readership info
Distributed to over 40,000 decision makers including architects, from the real and commercial estate project fraternity, the magazine possess a readership of over 1,80,000 and is an effective platform to reach out, apart from architects, to projects managers, procurement managers & builders.

Why should you be with us?
Advertising with us is essential to reach the enormous purchasing power of professional designers; and reading us is essential to stay inspired and informed. With clear and informative reporting, we present new buildings, and projects by tomorrow’ designers and yesterday’ forgotten masters and yet unknown talent.

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