Obeetee Carpets launches the new Amer Canvas Collection

True to the proverb, Obeetee Carpets, has launched a refreshing new collection – the Amer Canvas. The collection is one of its kind and attempts to paint Indian homes with the grandeur of the magnificent Amer Fort in Jaipur Rajasthan.

Essentially a summer collection, what sets Amer Canvas apart, is the fact that it is inspired in entirety by the motifs and patterns derived from the architecture of the ancient Amer Fort of Jaipur. The elements of this collection are rich in colour, depicting the flora, fauna and geometrical engravings that narrate the story of the glorious Rajputana past.

Since its inception, OBEETEE Carpets has strived to combine traditional Indian elements with modern aesthetics and design elements in a beautiful amalgamation. While a majority of collections from the house of Obeetee, play with subdued hues and modern colour palettes, the Amer Canvas collection comes in as a breath of fresh air best suited for the summers. Infact, it sets out to break the season barrier that exists in the minds of most carpet users. The carpets of Amer Canvas are made of premium recycled silk, Sardinian wool and hand spun viscose.

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