Project Description

‘Usha:prabha’ a residential bungalow build in the coastal area of Ratnagiri. It’s 4900 sqft. Built up in a 5500 sqft plot area for a ‘VAIDYA’ family of 14 people across three generations. It’s a west-facing plot designed with simplistic architecture & interior. This house is consist of 6 bedrooms with a large family hall. House is designed with ‘Vastu’. The entrance to the house is northeast shaded with a verandah. Clients need minimum furniture in the home and a large play area for children in front of the house. C4x artwork and decorative lights are used to make the interior better. The House is designed to make comfortable living inspired by Indian culture.

The bungalow plot is facing the west side with a broad road and is surrounded by betel nut and coconut trees. Vastu is considered before planning the spaces. The design considered for the bungalow architecture and its interior is minimalist, decent in aesthetic and also contains elegant highlights features.

The bungalow entrance is in the northeast direction follows by greens on the compound wall and then covered with a contemporary-style verandah. The ground floor layout accommodates a living room, dining, kitchen, pooja room and two bedrooms with attached toilets. A calm sit-out is also provided close to the dining for the openness of the area with a beautiful green view. Followed by a staircase second floor accommodates living room, kitchen, and bedrooms with an attached toilet and a multifunctional theatre room.

To create a visually expanded space only necessary interior styling is provided with a contemporary wood touch on the ceiling and walls. Earthy colours are used throughout the spaces with sufficient openings to brighten up various spaces. C4x artwork and well-balanced warm light are used as highlights of the interior and to cherish the Indian culture of the design style.

“I not only made sure that the house did justice to the personalities and preferences of the client but also showcased my sensibilities. On a parting note, we are happy to tell you that the client’s enthusiastic appreciation of our work has landed us with more homes to work on from their close relatives,” said Ravindra Toraskar, Principal Designer.


Fact File:

Architectural Firm: R.K. Toraskar
Project Name: Usha:Prabha
Location: Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Design Team: Ar.Krishna Satpute,
ID. Sonali Dandge
Area: 5500 sqft
Commencement: April 2019
Completion: December 2021

About the Firm: R. K. TORASKAR is a consulting firm in architecture, and interior work. Founded in the year 2005 in Ichalkaranji. Er. Ravindra Toraskar is the Principal designer of the Firm. Mostly work with middle-class families in south Maharashtra, Karnataka and Konkan region. We strive to provide our clients with unique, innovative, and best concepts. Projects are executed with a commitment to quality designed to the client’s needs. The design team comprises Ar. Krishna Satpute and ID. Sonali Dandge.

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