Hyderabad witnesses fusion of architectural brilliance and culinary haven in ‘Telugu Medium’

Restaurant Telugu Medium emerges as Hyderabad’s culinary and architectural gem, thanks to Sona Reddy Studio. Spread across 5,200 square feet in Jubilee Hills, this Andhra cuisine haven, co-founded by Malvika Rao, Anil Karnati, and Rohit Medisetty, seamlessly blends heritage and design ethos.
Architecturally, the venue’s allure lies in its use of massive brick domes, vaults, and exposed load-bearing walls, shunning concrete and steel for a cooler, aesthetically pleasing interior. Adorned with Karimnagar bricks, the exterior facade tells tales of heritage, while the alfresco area integrates brick paving and curved fins for a picturesque dining experience.
Inside, guests encounter a brick-enveloped vestibule leading to a dual-leveled restaurant with towering walls and a light-bathed atrium. The interior design, reflecting South Indian dining traditions, features timeless furniture, brick-molded ceilings, and textured flooring.
The ground level hosts a pink granite bar counter and a serene rectangular pond, adding to the immersive ambiance. Telugu Medium is a testament to Sona Reddy Studio’s mastery in creating a narrative where indigenous materials and design converge to celebrate the Deccan’s architectural finesse and rich heritage.

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