Sanjay Puri Architects unveil Rajasthan’s landmark Nokha village community centre

Sanjay Puri Architects, an architecture studio based in Mumbai, has designed a swirling community centre featuring a sloping green roof in Rajasthan, India.
Designed as a tribute to their father, the curvilinear complex serves the neighboring villages of Nokha district in Rajasthan. It incorporates a courtyard, amphitheater, library, and museum, all concealed behind an undulating sandstone facade.
“The Nokha Village Community Centre is a vibrant hub for all age groups, providing a space for music, talks, and social interaction,” Sanjay Puri Architects said.”The project exemplifies how thoughtful architecture can create expansive community spaces without a large footprint,” they added.
The complex’s main functions were enclosed below the 9,000-square-foot ‘swirl’ and surrounding grassy berms, which carve a network of tilting pathways with views of the surrounding desert.
“Taking a cue from traditional Indian courtyards and sand dunes simultaneously, the built space swirls from the ground level to a nine-metre height, creating a semi-sheltered open amphitheatre & allowing the roof to be accessible as a garden space,” the studio said.
The lower edge of the structure houses a small museum and inclines towards the building’s ovoid-shaped high point, which hosts a digital library for the local schools. Between the museum and library, further multifunctional spaces curve through the building and flank the stepped amphitheatre and stage outside. Gatherings and event spaces are located in a rectilinear amenities block at the site’s entry that comprises a cafeteria, bathrooms, parking and storage.
Source: Dezeen

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