GTL to launch Hybrid-Green Energy Power Plant Project

In a momentous stride towards sustainable energy solutions, Gujarat Toolroom Ltd. (GTL) has revealed plans for a pioneering Hybrid-Green Energy Power Plant project, poised to reshape the energy landscape and offer lucrative investment prospects. This monumental endeavor underscores GTL’s unwavering commitment to innovation, environmental stewardship, and creating long-term value for stakeholders.
The Hybrid-Green Energy Power Plant represents a visionary investment with a total project cost of Rs. 572.5 crores, signaling GTL’s significant commitment to driving positive change.
This comprehensive investment encompasses various critical components, including Rs. 6.5 crores for land acquisition, Rs. 150 crores for state-of-the-art solar panels, Rs. 225 crores for cutting-edge wind turbines, Rs. 45 crores for robust cables and wiring infrastructure, Rs. 6 crores for transformers, and Rs. 140 crores allocated for other essential infrastructures and skilled manpower costs.
With meticulous planning and strategic allocation of resources, GTL’s Hybrid-Green Energy Power Plant is poised to reach breakeven within a remarkably short span of four years, highlighting its strong financial viability and potential for lucrative returns on investment.
The project’s innovative design and efficient operational framework promise to deliver sustainable energy solutions while enhancing shareholder value over the long term.
At the heart of the Hybrid-Green Energy Power Plant lies a sophisticated combination of solar panels and wind turbines, harnessing the abundant natural resources to maximize energy production.
Spanning 60 acres, the solar panels boast an impressive capacity to produce 1 MW per hour each, while 15 meticulously positioned on-shore wind turbines generate an additional 2.5 MW per unit.
This harmonious integration of renewable energy sources results in a formidable total output of 97.5 MW per hour, ensuring reliable and sustainable power generation for years to come.
Beyond its environmental benefits, GTL’s Hybrid-Green Energy Power Plant holds immense promise for investors seeking attractive returns. With the cost of electricity in Gujarat averaging around Rs. 4 per kWh, the project stands poised to generate substantial revenue streams.
A conservative estimate places the daily revenue projection at an impressive Rs. 46,80,000, translating to an annual profit estimate of Rs. 145.82 crores after accounting for operational costs. These robust financial projections underscore the project’s potential to deliver attractive returns and create significant value for investors.
The announcement of the Hybrid-Green Energy Power Plant is poised to have a positive impact on GTL’s stock price, reflecting investor confidence in the company’s strategic vision and growth prospects.
As GTL demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and innovation, investors are likely to view the project as a catalyst for long-term value creation, driving increased demand for the company’s shares. Moreover, the projected profitability of the power plant project, coupled with GTL’s strong financial performance, may lead to upward revisions in earnings forecasts and valuation metrics, further bolstering the attractiveness of GTL’s stock to investors.
Overall, the Hybrid-Green Energy Power Plant has the potential to serve as a significant value driver for GTL, driving stock price appreciation and delivering sustainable returns to shareholders.


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