Hafele Introduces Metalla 510 Hinges

Designed with perfection and conceived to perform, the new Metalla 510 Hinge Range by Hafele adds efficient functionality to your kitchen cabinets. The standard application hinges, from this range, for shutters made from wood or with wide aluminium frame come with an opening angle of 105° and constitute full-overlay, half-overlay and inset applications respectively. For shutters made with narrow aluminium profile, the range houses a special aluminium profile hinge with the same opening angle. Metalla 510 also includes a 155° wide-angle application hinge for cabinets with internal drawers or shelves.

All hinges from within this range come equipped with an integrated soft-close mechanism in the hinge cup which can be activated via a damper shifter, at an opening angle of either 30° or 10°, for a smooth and noiseless closing. Having cycle tested for 200,000 times, these hinges meet and exceed the LGA certification requirements ensuring high operational durability. Made of high-quality steel with an attractive nickel-plated finish, the Metalla 510 hinges are salt spray tested for 48 hours guaranteeing a high degree of corrosion resistance (EN 15570 Level 3).

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