The Cristallo Hinge by BLUM offers unique level of stability

Be it living rooms or bathrooms, the all new Cristallo hinge gives new possibilities for designing your furniture. It is a combination of exquisite design, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional motion quality. This revolutionary hinge for glass and mirror doors has the soft-close BLUMOTION feature built in. The hinge achieves a unique level of stability, ensuring it meets the toughest of requirements.

One certainly does not want the hinges to peep out of the finely furnished glass doors, and thus, the soft-close CLIP top BLUMOTION CRISTALLO comes to the rescue. Its linear design ensures the new hinge blends discreetly into furniture such as glass display cabinets. Though they might look small in size, they can hold on to heavy doors.

CLIP top BLUMOTION CRISTALLO can be used in a very wide range of glass display cabinets – without glass drilling.

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