Avani Institute of Design conducts its first semester foundation studio exhibition titled ‘‘Museum in the Making’

The Museum in Making is a celebration of several notions of making, brought together into an act of making the museum by students of the 2021 Batch of Avani Institute of Design. The binaries -maker and the made, contribute to reinforcing the relationships of individuals with their surrounding ecologies, allowing “Re-connections” and building up to something that is meaningful of, for, and from the context.

The Foundation Studio looks at human relationships with the region and context whilst attempting to understand and interpret these intricacies by empathizing with materials and fostering community engagement. The studio integrates several subject domains including Design, Visual Arts, Design Theory, etc. to weave multidisciplinary learnings under a single fabric and allow individuals to Re-think, Re-look & Re-Learn about our immediate and beyond. The exhibition showcases the notion of crafting, making, materialities, and collectives, all intersecting across studio domains.

Envisioned in three modules: Discovery, Inquiry & Engagement, the concluding project of the Foundation Studio, “A Museum of Ideas”, shall reflect the contextual, material, and built learnings over the course of two semesters and first two modules with extended exposure to the notion of “making”. This will culminate in the hands-on construction of a ‘Living Pavilion’ in the lush green campus of Avani Institute of Design situated in the foothills of Western Ghats.

The first-year students were privileged to have the eminent architect, academic, and Avani Advisor Prof. Neelkanth Chhaya as their juror to inaugurate the ‘Museum in the making’. The exhibition spanned a total period of one week and was visited by parents, architects, art enthusiasts, students from neighboring schools, and eminent personalities from Calicut and Thamarassery.

Avani aims to inspire passion for design, by providing a creative environment and expert guidance to help individuals reach their creative potential and become responsible citizens. As an institute, we are committed to pursuing practical and theoretical knowledge that enables meaningful contribution toward the advancement of local and global communities. Currently, it offers a Bachelor of Architecture degree which is for a duration of 5 years. Avani intends to become an internationally recognized center for Excellence in Design, providing a platform to explore new horizons in education, collaborative research, and creative thinking.

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