Trichy Airport unveils South Indian Heritage-Inspired Terminal Design

The new integrated terminal building at Trichy airport draws profound inspiration from the region’s rich heritage, incorporating elements from local monuments and cultural festivities like Pongal and rangoli. Influenced notably by the ornate ‘gopurams’ of South Indian architecture, the design was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with an estimated cost of INR 10 billion.

Emanating the grandeur of the Srirangam Ranganathar temple’s gopuram, the terminal accommodates 4.5 million passengers annually—three times the capacity of the current terminal—spread across its two-level, 75,000 square meter air-conditioned structure. The ground floor houses the arrival lounge while the upper level caters to departure facilities, equipped to handle a peak hour passenger traffic of 3,900, spanning both domestic and international flights.

The departure concourse stands out with a unique roof design inspired by traditional South Indian architecture. From the roof to flooring patterns, column cladding, feature walls, and signage, the terminal’s aesthetic pays tribute to local arts, culture, and traditions. Its modular construction allows for future expansion or modifications without compromising the existing design.

Adhering to ‘GRIHA’ (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) standards, the terminal proudly holds a four-star sustainability rating. Designed by the acclaimed architectural firm Pascall + Watson, renowned internationally, the building prioritizes sustainable features such as maximizing natural light and integrating renewable energy sources, aligning with contemporary environmental norms.

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