Adani appoints Padma Bhushan Awardee Hafeez Contractor for Dharavi Redesign

The Adani Group has brought in renowned global city planning experts, such as architect Hafeez Contractor, design firm Sasaki, and consultancy Buro Happold, for Mumbai’s ambitious Dharavi redevelopment project.

Led by Contractor, the consortium, which includes Singapore-based experts, aims to rehabilitate Asia’s largest slum, housing nearly a million people, as highlighted in a statement by the Adani Group.

Contractor is acclaimed for his work in social housing and Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) projects in Mumbai, having designed notable structures like The 42 in Kolkata and The Imperial twin towers in Mumbai.

Sasaki, an American design firm, brings 70 years of expertise in crafting sustainable, integrated live-work-play environments. Meanwhile, UK-based consultancy Buro Happold is renowned for innovative, eco-conscious infrastructure solutions.

A spokesperson for Dharavi Redevelopment Project Private Ltd (DRPPL) emphasized that the project seeks not only urban renewal but also aims to enhance the residents’ quality of life while preserving the area’s vibrant culture. The endeavor prioritizes integrity, inclusivity, and community engagement.

In 2022, the Adani Group secured the Dharavi redevelopment bid with a INR 5,069 crore offer.

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