Sternhagen partners with Sussane Khan for the launch of its latest collection

Sternhagen, the prestigious German brand known for its luxurious sanitary ware and bathroom fittings, is thrilled to announce their new collection in collaboration with renowned interior designer Sussanne Khan. This collaboration showcases select designs by Sussanne Khan and marks a significant moment for both brands as they come together for the second time to present an exclusive range of products.
Chirag Parekh, Chairman and Managing Director, Sternhagen, said “Our mission is to create bathroom suites with an unmistakable, visually exciting, artistic appeal, so that when someone with an eye for superior design sees one of our products, they know that it could only be a Sternhagen. We’re committed to offering top-quality, artistically designed products engineered with cutting-edge materials and technologies. Our aim is to exceed customer expectations by setting new standards in design. As a design-driven brand, we will continue to innovate, creating products with new technologies and designs that uphold the Sternhagen name.”
Interior Designer Sussanne Khan, Founder, The Charcoal Project, designed Sternhagan’s SK 02 Collection of bath fittings to showcase the mesmerizing innovations of the brand. The products displayed at the event included Glass Basins, Metallic Basins and Ceramic Basins featuring art inspired from Moroccan tessellations and tilework. In essence, Sternhagen’s latest collection is more than just a range of bathroom ware; it’s a celebration of the enduring allure of the equestrian aesthetic, reimagined for the modern luxury connoisseur. With its earthy tones and classic yet modern design elements, each piece pays homage to the timeless elegance of the equestrian world while infusing it with a contemporary flair. Additionally, Sternhagen also launched its Smart WC, a technological innovation that features smart controls and 15+ functions.
Commenting on the collaboration Sussanne Khan stated, “We are excited for this collaboration with Sternhagen to showcase our unique styles in a fun and engaging way, while also highlighting the exceptional functionality and elegance of the brand. We can’t wait for everyone to see the exciting results of this campaign!”
Born out of the prestigious Carysil Group, world’s 4th largest quartz sink manufacturer, Sternhagen is setting new benchmarks in luxury bathroom design. The brand’s global presence continues to inspire homeowners, architects, and interior designers worldwide. Combining German precision engineering with artistic design, the brand offers a diverse portfolio that caters to a variety of design sensibilities. From classic to contemporary, each product embodies sophistication, elevating the overall bathroom experience. From faucets to shower systems, bathtubs to vanities, basin mixers to tiles, every creation from Sternhagen reflects a harmonious blend of innovative technology and timeless aesthetics.

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