C Plus C Architects and Builders name Tiffany Henning for Professional Development Program

Sydney-based practice C Plus C Architects and Builders has named the second recipient of its professional development program, aimed at providing paid on-the-job experience to architecture students at the University of New South Wales (UNSW).
Tiffany Henning, who is embarking on her final year in the Bachelor of Architectural Studies program at UNSW, will join the C Plus C team for two days a week to work on projects in the office and on site. While learning the entire process from project design to construction, she will earn wages and overtime pay.

Henning was selected by a panel comprising UNSW discipline director Paul Hogben and C Plus C directors Clinton Cole and Hayden Co’burn. They commented that Henning had an “impressive portfolio submission featuring experimentation, construction detailing and a strong focus on craft and materiality.”
The partnership between C Plus C and UNSW also supports a second initiative, the C Plus C scholarship, which provides $50,000 to help disadvantaged architecture students to undertake their degrees. The scholarship is awarded on an annual basis to a full-time UNSW undergraduate architecture student, who will receive an annual stipend of $10,000 during their five-year degree.
Clinton Cole of C Plus C said the motivation behind the educational partnership is to diversify the profession. “It leads to better design outcomes and a more resilient and diverse industry – it’s that simple. And I know first-hand the difference financial assistance can make. I came to university on a sports scholarship and found my passion in architecture – without my scholarship and a range of casual jobs I wouldn’t have been able to support myself financially for the full degree,” Cole said.
“With this program we’re levelling the playing field for less privileged students with a stipend as they study. We are also helping them get a realistic idea of the profession with mentored, fully paid employment. Because we are architects and builders in one firm, we can immerse them in experience of both our architectural office and construction sites. So, when they get complete the five years at University, they won’t just have a degree – they’ll have a hands-on understanding of managing quality from design conception to final build.”
Head of the School of Built Environment at UNSW, Philip Oldfield, said the financial support addresses a real need at the university. “It will help socioeconomically diverse students to become architects. It’s a great contribution.”
To be eligible, the students must have been enrolled full time or part time in the UNSW Architectural Studies program and be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen.

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