Hafele launches sliding system Slido W-Fold32 100T

Hafele launched a new Slido W-Fold32 100T sliding folding systems recently. They offer a convenient and versatile solution for wider door openings, allowing one an enhanced level of flexibility and functionality. These systems provide unobstructed maximum accessible width, thereby saving space in the most effective way. They can cover wider openings and give maximum opening space with its unique method of neatly stacking the doors to the sides of the track.

The advanced mechanics integrated into the system gives it a smooth operation, making opening and closing of heavier doors effortless.

Options of center fixing and end fixing, with and without bottom track make this solution versatile, catering to a vast range of applications. This system has been designed for wooden doors and can handle door weights of up to 100 kg. Capable of covering opening widths of up to 12 meters, the Slido W-Fold32 100T is a practical and modern solution for creating large flexible openings in any interior space.

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