Hafele Introduces India’s First One Touch Cabinet Mechanism

The inconvenience caused by operating cabinet doors with occupied and unclean hands, whether attempting to pull out an extra ladle while cooking or loading heavy files into an overhead cabinet, has led to the integration of motion technologies into cabinet fittings. Thanks to advancements in product engineering and development, this integration enhances the ease of use and functionality of the doors, allowing for convenient and hands-free operations.

India’s first cabinet mechanism, Häfele’s One Touch Mechanism, combines push-to-open and soft-close technologies into a single unit. This innovative mechanism enables the opening or closing of cabinets with a simple push. The combination of these technologies not only simplifies daily operations in kitchens and other spaces but also enhances overall design functionality. Available in two variants, One Touch Heavy and Light, this mechanism offers a blend of style, elegance, and functionality.

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