Hafele launches sliding system Slido W-Fold32 100T

01/06/2024 0

Hafele launched a new Slido W-Fold32 100T sliding folding systems recently. They offer a convenient and versatile solution for wider door openings, allowing one an enhanced level of flexibility and functionality. These systems provide unobstructed Read More

Hafele launches Palace 110S

17/05/2024 0

Hafele’s products empower designers to overcome obstacles and unleash their creativity. This is particularly evident in the creation of adaptable, customized, and efficient solutions for various settings such as hotels, conference centers, educational institutions, eateries, Read More

Häfele introduces Caesarstone surfaces

11/04/2024 0

With Caesarstone, Häfele gets creative with quartz surfaces, offering numerous colours, styles, and combinations. Whether for the kitchen, bathroom, or living room, there’s a Caesarstone style that meets customers’ needs, captures their spirit, and sparks Read More

Hafele Introduces Falmec Shelf Cookerhood

11/03/2024 0

Hafele’s Falmec Luxury Appliances are a perfect balance between state-of-the-art technology, elegance and attention to detail. The new Elements collection transcends the usual boundaries of aspiration, transforming the fundamental function regarding the quality of the Read More

Hafele launches Pocket Door

09/03/2024 0

The freedom of accessing the contents of  cabinets without any obstruction is unmatched. Whether it is to hide your daily use accessories, appliances or that fine dinner set for a seamless aesthetic, or taking them Read More

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