Hafele launches Palace 110S

Hafele’s products empower designers to overcome obstacles and unleash their creativity. This is particularly evident in the creation of adaptable, customized, and efficient solutions for various settings such as hotels, conference centers, educational institutions, eateries, malls, and office complexes. An exemplary illustration of this innovation is the Palace 110, a part of Hafele’s comprehensive SLIDO Wall collection.

Efficiency and safety, as well as aesthetics and stability – that is what the Palace 110 stands for. This system makes it easier to organise your space with panels reaching a height of more than fifteen meters, thus opening up an array of design possibilities.

This robustly executed movable wall system satisfies even the toughest requirements and proves that quality and design can be perfectly integrated. With Palace 110, you can achieve countless possibilities with regards to shape, material and colour. In consultation with Hafele, you can determine the parking positions and the lay-out of the track, tailored to your personal requirements. A high degree of sound insulation and fire resistance of up to sixty minutes can also be realised with this system! Hafele offers optimal support, not only during the design and construction process, but even after.

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