Dorby Redefines Surface Decor Standards with Exclusive Collections Unveiled at IndiaWood 2024

Dorby, a frontrunner in India’s surface decor arena, showcased its innovative designs at IndiaWood 2024 in Bengaluru, a premier international trade fair for woodworking and furniture manufacturing. The event, held from February 22 to 26 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), drew over 75,000 attendees, including industry experts and enthusiasts.

Dorby’s stall captivated visitors with its captivating presentation, offering an immersive experience that reflected the brand’s commitment to beauty and advancement. At the exhibition, Dorby unveiled its latest collections, including the Vibron and Canvas series, along with the highly anticipated Edge Lamina range.

“Edge Lamina: Elevating Luxury with Limited Edition Designs” showcased the pinnacle of craftsmanship and exclusivity through collaboration with Pegasus Panels and Asiatic Imperia. This premium collection featured limited edition designs presented in bespoke displays, redefining sophistication in laminate design.

The “Canvas Collection: Where Every Surface Tells a Unique Story” portrayed a diverse range of artistic laminates, each narrating its own tale. From striking geometrics to intricate motifs, this collection invited designers and consumers to explore boundless possibilities in laminate design.

Meanwhile, the Vibron collection introduced a spectrum of colors and patterns, embodying the essence of minimalism and reflecting contemporary trends. With seven new categories, including Cloudy, 45 Degree Flutes, High Gloss Flutes, Bamboo Flutes, Sections, Artistica, and Nutone, Vibron set a new standard in solid laminate design variations.

Mehul Agarwal, Director and CEO of Dorby, expressed gratitude for the platform IndiaWood 2024 provided, stating, “Our latest collection signifies our dedication to creativity, quality, and innovation.”

Rajiv Agarwal, Chairman and Managing Director of Dorby, highlighted the positive reception of their offerings, indicating a growing demand for high-end luxury products in India’s surface decor sector. The success of Dorby’s showcase affirmed their commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional products to the market.

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