VitrA collaborates with Designer Terri Pecora, unveils VitrA Plural Collection

VitrA, the epitome of innovation in bathroom design introduced the VitrA Plural Collection in collaboration with award-winning designer Terri Pecora. This collection transcends traditional boundaries, transforming the bathroom into a haven of vintage allure and contemporary sophistication.
Inspired by the iconic aesthetic of the mid-20th century, VitrA Plural seamlessly integrates light and airy furniture into the bathroom environment, evoking the warmth and familiarity of a vintage living room. Each element is thoughtfully curated to foster a sense of welcoming domesticity, inviting users to share moments of connection and relaxation with loved ones.
VitrA Plural is more than just a design statement, it represents a paradigm shift in modern bathroom innovation. By presenting novel solutions for plumbing components, this collection sets a new standard of functionality and elegance. Every piece within the collection boasts a diverse array of size options, harmonious forms, and an exquisite palette of colors, meticulously crafted from a sophisticated combination of solid wood and ceramic.
At the heart of VitrA Plural lies its refined design language, which creates an atmosphere of sensual luxury. Through an aesthetic mix and match of forms, finishes, and colors, this collection brings objects and people together in a delightfully harmonious bathroom environment. Whether one seeks minimalist simplicity or opulent grandeur, Plural offers endless possibilities to customize the space and express one’s unique style.

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