VitrA unveils splash-free toilet technology Quantum Flush

VitrA, a leading brand in bathroom solutions, recently launched QuantumFlush, a groundbreaking flushing technology that redefines cleanliness and efficiency in the bathroom. With its advanced features and innovative design, VitrA QuantumFlush ensures that every flush leaves your toilet spotless, quiet, and hygienic.

At the rear of the QuantumFlush is a strong momentum manifold with three outlets meticulously designed using the laminar flow principle. This engineering solution converts the turbulent flow of water in the manifold into laminar flow. This prevents energy loss by allowing the water to flow smoothly inside the toilet bowl. The energy of the water is maintained so that it reaches every point and cleans the bowl in the best possible way.

In conventional flushing systems, irregular water flow causes particles to collide in the bowl, leading to splashing and the spread of bioaerosols in the bathroom environment. QuantumFlush revolutionizes this process by delivering exceptional cleaning power while preventing water splashes. Its innovative design minimizes turbulence and significantly reduces splashing during flushing, resulting in a more hygienic and pleasant toilet experience. With QuantumFlush, you can enjoy superior cleaning performance and a cleaner, healthier bathroom environment.

Quantum Flush utilizes the power of water in the most efficient and quiet way. Due to the characteristics of laminar flow, it reduces the turbulent kinetic energy of the water and prevents the noise caused by the chaotic collisions of the water that is flushed. This allows Quantum Flush to provide a much quieter flush than standard toilets.

VitrA QuantumFlush is certified by Quiet Mark, an independent approval that highlights the product’s superior quietness. This certification underscores VitrA’s commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative bathroom solutions that enhance the comfort and cleanliness of your home.

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