Embracing simplicity in apartment design

 Firm: apt

Architect: Rahul Malandkar

Project: Apartment Interiors

Status: Completed

Year of completion: 2022

Size : 700 sq.ft.

Location: Bandra, Mumbai

‘Room Number Fifteen’ is located on the third floor in an apartment tucked away from the busy streets of Bandra. The house looks over mango treetops in the compound and lets in the gentle sea breeze from the nearby Bandra bandstand. Sachin Kotre, the proud owner of the house, comes from a very humble background but made his mark in the ad film industry with his vibrant and creative flair.

The design of the apartment tries to capture his simple lifestyle by retaining the old terrazzo flooring, use of rough kota stone in the bathroom and solid wood furniture. While the entrance makes a bold statement with a bright red door and vivid color palette of the kitchen that brings in the vibrant personality of Sachin. The balcony stands out with its mosaic pattern inspired by the rhythmic tidal waves crashing against the rocky coast of Bandra bandstand. This outdoor space is adorned with an abundance of greenery, creating a harmonious blend of nature and design.

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