Responsive Industries launches Active Sports Flooring

Group of Latin American men playing basketball at the court wearing uniforms

Responsive Industries, a leading Vinyl Flooring manufacturer, launches Active Sports flooring. Thus introducing a new era in flooring excellence.

“When the challenge is on, you need the best flooring to perform. No matter what the activity, Responsive Active Sports flooring will meet your needs and expectations day after day while ensuring the least damage to your body,” claims the company.

“Responsive Active stands out as a high-quality vinyl sports floor covering, offering a multi-layered construction. This flooring is presented in 1.5m-wide sheets and boasts a compact closed cell foam backing, reinforced with glass fibre, a vinyl performance layer, an embossed PVC wear layer, and a printed wood design protected by a transparent wood grain embossed wear layer. With superior dimensional stability and improved indentation ratings, this flooring ensures exceptional sports performance. The rapid restoration of its foam layers contributes to its outstanding athletic capabilities. Responsive Active Sports flooring requires no wax or polish throughout its lifespan, adding to its convenience and longevity,” said the release.

Featuring elevated underfoot comfort, their solution stands as the epitome of excellence for various applications that demand a perfect blend of athletic performance, safety, energy absorption, noise reduction, design, and durability. “Tailored to meet the rigorous demands of professional sports, multi-purpose halls, gymnasiums, kindergartens, and beyond, our product excels in providing a superior experience across a spectrum of activities,” said the company release.

This versatile solution is specially designed for sports enthusiasts engaging in basketball, badminton, wrestling, pilates, yoga, kickboxing, martial arts, gymnastics, and volleyball. Its high-performance characteristics make it an ideal choice for those seeking an optimal balance between functionality and comfort, ensuring a top-notch experience in every sporting and fitness endeavour.

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