Otis India launches Ambiance, a new elevator cab aesthetics package for the Gen2 product line

Otis India launched its Ambiance elevator cab aesthetics range for Gen2 elevators. The range will be manufactured at the Otis India Bengaluru factory and has been designed specifically for Otis. The design leverages a combination of materials, form, textures and patterns to form a look that allows one to differentiate an Otis elevator from any other. Otis is the world’s leading company for elevator and escalator manufacturing, installation and service.

The Ambiance range includes distinct elements such as accent panels, curved side cornices, full-length recessed vertical lighting for diffused illumination on car walls and sleek fixtures. Ambiance offers a choice of four themes and two design variants, The four themes are Majestic Mahogany, Moonlight Magic, River of the Night and Radiant Russet, all deliberately curated to blend in with elevator lobbies in residential or commercial spaces. These themes are offered in two design variants – Natural with a matt finish and Modern with glossy finish.

Using the Otis Create feature on the company’s website, customers can visualize their elevator design and curate the look they prefer. They can download and save their designs and elevator specifications in a few easy clicks.

“Otis is continuously focused on enhancing the customer experience in addition to offering elevators with world class safety and comfort,” said Otis India President Sebi Joseph. “The Ambiance range is a global design which has been welcomed by customers in Europe and the Americas. We are excited to bring this offering to India to delight our customers.”

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