The Blox House

25/02/2022 0

Location: New Chandigarh, Punjab Photographs: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj Firm: Garg Architects led by Ar. Varun K. Garg Structure Consultant: Rakhra Associates The Blox House stands on the lands of Mullanpur in Punjab, which is now Read More

Tempesta Tiles launches Cementiles Collection

24/02/2022 0

“Tile” is among the most contemporary methods to make your space look more elegant, inviting, stylish and sophisticated. Adding Cement Tiles in particular, is one of the easiest ways to enhance the value of residential Read More

Roca launches innovative mirrors, Prisma

18/02/2022 0

Decorative and innovative mirrors are essential pieces in the bathroom space. To provide maximum comfort, mirrors are now adapting to the new demands with presence sensors to avoid hand contact and LED lights that allow Read More

Roca launches In-Wash Inspira

17/02/2022 0

Built with an ability to respond to the most demanding needs, In-wash Inspira is a smart choice for a smart consumer. A subtle design that comes with smart features like user detection mode, self-cleaning nozzle, Read More

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