Hafele introduces Dekton Surfaces

Häfele brings Dekton, world’s first ultra-compact surface manufacturer which offers you unique surfaces created through an innovative combination of minerals found in nature. Designed to be the toughest and the most durable surface, Dekton has the ability to fit into and redefine a multitude of applications – flooring, cladding, and facades for both inside and outdoors.

The exclusive Ultra Compacting Technology imitates and enhances the metamorphic changes that natural stone undergoes over a millennia through exposure to high pressure and high temperature. This technological evolution represents an industrial leap that generates a revolutionary material and leading product capable of resisting scratches and stains, and withstanding extreme heat and extreme cold (thanks to its low coefficient of thermal expansion and natural resistance to ice and thawing), mildew and mold, all while looking good. In comparison to granite, Dekton has a higher resistance to abrasion which makes it an ideal surface for commercial applications and high traffic areas. Moreover, with its high resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light which prevents it from fading or degrading over time, this surface is perfect for outdoor use.

Dekton surfaces encapsulate elements of natural stones, metamorphic rocks, industrial elements, sand, earth and even marine surfaces, perfectly replicating and reimagining everything that nature has to offer making it every architects’ and designers’ dream solution.

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