Nashik – Ideal real estate destination In Maharashtra

CREDAI Nashik Metro has been instrumental in the overall infrastructural development in the city as it closely works with the corporation and the government towards planned execution of the various projects to ensure timely completion with minimal interference in civic life. As per the CREDAI report, Nashik has over 2000 residential projects and 200 commercial projects underway at different stages of development – so nearly 10,000 new homes will be available over the next two – three years. Here are some key highlights about Nashik which makes it an ideal real estate destination.

Nashik was once known as the pilgrim city. But in the last decade, the city has vastly improved its infrastructure, real estate, industrial corridor and also created quality healthcare and educational hubs, thus making it one of the fastest growing cities in India. The rising cost of living in the metropolitan cities and since Mumbai and Pune, seemingly have a saturated real estate market, Nashik became the next probable choice of destination for investors. There are ample reasons for Nashik to be the choice of destination and one of the biggest assets of the city is its abundance of natural resources! Most cities in Maharashtra are facing water crisis, but Nashik is blessed with abundant natural water resources and has 4 dams providing ample water to the city for drinking and agricultural use. This is the backbone of the real estate development of the city because water supply is well planned for the next 10 – 15 years. Nashik also is the largest supplier of vegetables, flowers and fruits to entire Maharashtra, so access to quality produce enhances the quality of life here. We say Nashik has a kitchen and garden in the same city! Needless to say the weather and ambient climate of the city is perfect and lovely throughout the year, making it an obvious choice for home dwellers.

On the infrastructure and development front, Nashik is already attracting large companies to set up base here, few companies include VIP, Bosch, Samsonite and M&M. The rising demand for residential projects, automatically lures good educational institutions and universities to make a beeline to the city. In addition, large healthcare hospitals are also opening in the city – with the aim to make Nashik the medical hub for Maharashtra.

For any city, connectivity is paramount and the geo-location of Nashik, naturally makes the city easily accessible. Its proximity to Pune and Mumbai and the city’s connectivity to all nearby towns and locations in Maharashtra, in addition to the airport, makes Nashik super-connected. We also have the Samruddhi highway going to Mumbai and Nashik is a key element on that highway – connected at three-four junctions. The DMRC- Delhi-Mumbai corridor did not include Nashik in the initial plan, but later Nashik was added owing to the potential growth and development in the city. There is also a Chennai -Surat expressway sanctioned which will include Nashik and thus it will be a gateway for Nashik to get connected to the South. It will also build proximity for Nashik with Surat, the eco-hub of Gujarat.

Nashik stands as an archetype rendition of a city that prides itself on its modern era infrastructure beautifully coalesced with the old city charm and cultural vibrancy. The clean and eco-friendly vibe of the city offers a good quality of life. Nashik still has plenty of greenery, breathtaking locations, open space, broad roads, and serenity, so be it your first home or you considering an investment property or even searching for the perfect house to retire, all-in-all, Nasik is emerging as an attractive real estate destination.


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