Hafele unveils Falmec Levante

Hafele presents to you Levante 120, a suspended island hood that defines geometric precision while making your kitchen aesthetically beautiful with its refined design and function.  It comes equipped with a remote-controlled, motorised up & down lift system that enables adjustment in height by lowering itself down to a maximum of one metre from the ceiling, and then repositioning itself after use.

The hood is composed of a robust internal Stainless-Steel rectangular frame with an impressive black tempered glass exterior. It includes a stylish LED panel positioned in the lower portion that not only ensures optimal light output when the hood is in use but also provides a relaxing surrounding light source when it is ‘at rest’ on the ceiling. Levante is also supported by the Dynamic Light function that allows the tone of the light to be switched and adapted as per the surroundings, so as to incorporate the user’s individual preferences.

Integrated with the patented Circle.Tech technology, this hood combines suction and filtration in one body which helps maximize extraction with minimum volume and low noise levels. The Carbon.Zeo filters, used in the hood, are composed of natural materials such as activated carbon and zeolite that prove to be extremely effective in relation to standard filters. The filters help retain unwanted odours, as well as the humidity generated by cooking vapours providing a clean, smoke and odour-free kitchen environment.

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