Blum Unveiled the BLUM Street at ACETECH Mumbai and associated with the esteemed Ar. Reza Kabul, Ar. Kanhai Gandhi, Ar. Gautam Naik, and Ar. Arzan Khambhatta

Recently ABEC exhibition and conference were all set to host ACETECH in Mumbai, and Blum, an Austrian manufacturer of furniture fittings was thrilled to be a part of it. Blum had offered its products to these renowned architects who used Blum hardware to create installation ART to enthral the visitors.

Blum had collaborated with Ar. Reza Kabul, President at ARK Reza Kabul Architects Pvt. Ltd., Ar. Kanhai Gandhi, Co-Founder/Director at KNS Architects Pvt. Ltd., Ar. Gautam Naik, Gautam & Geetanjali Arc Excel Consultancy and Ar. Arzan Khambhatta, Architect and Sculptor for the Art installation street. These remarkable architects utilized hardware from Blum to design exquisite art pieces that were showcased at none other than ACETECH Mumbai.

Speaking about the collaboration Mr. Nadeem Patni, MD, Blum India said, “Austria is known for its association with art, we at BLUM could not resist being associated with such renowned Indian names who made Installation Art with BLUM hardware for ACETECH. It was a delight for every visitor”.

The Blum booth at ACETECH featured its iconic hinges and runner and drawer systems along with the newly launched MERIVOBOX, a box platform for your ideas. This platform makes it incredibly simple to assemble drawers and pull-outs to meet every demand. They also had a new display for myLEGRABOX. In this, you can fully customize your LEGRABOX turning your inspiration into a reality.

They also showcased a few ideas from Blum Inspiration where design meets innovation. Blum Inspiration is a growing source of inspiration for anyone who is passionate about creative furniture solutions, giving people ideas and tips with new application thoughts with the existing product range.

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