DLF Westend Heights by Interior Designer Shagun Singh

Project Details : DLF Westend Heights by Interior Designer Shagun Singh

This 2600 sqft apartment located in the upmarket bustling area of the Golf Course Road in Gurgaon , had been the home for this 4 member family for the last 12 years . With the kids now young adults and the home having run its course they needed a makeover for their home.

Shagun Singh of Homework Design Studio was the perfect fit as a designer for this family. The aesthetics of this home are today a perfect union of modern elements combined beautifully with hints of traditional elements .

The children’s bedrooms had to be exciting with many design elements added but 100% functional. We experimented with arches and wall fluting for these spaces. Mirrors in each space were important and considerably large design elements in this home.

The color palettes essentially for most of the spaces have been limited to greys, whites and deep blues. Only a hint of brighter greens and blues used in some spaces. A lot of other color pops come to life through the art work .

Lighting needs were thought through thoroughly to provide a great joyous blend of direct, indirect and accent lighting.

My personal favorite design elements were the arch bed in the daughters room , the half moon mirror in the master bedroom and finally the experiment in the son’s room with the color palette predominantly being grey . The last was a risk but a good one at the end.

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