Otis Introduces its Gen3 Elevator in India: A New Generation of Digitally Native Elevators

Otis introduced its new generation of Gen3™ digitally native elevators in India at the International Sourcing Exposition for Elevators & Escalators (ISEE). The Gen3 platform is created to give people freedom to connect and thrive in a taller, faster, smarter world.

“The new, digitally native Gen3 elevator platform is designed to meet the current needs and future expectations of an increasingly connected world. It reimagines what elevators can be for passengers and for customers – from architects and developers to building owners and facility managers,” said Otis India President Sebi Joseph.

The Gen3 elevator is powered by the Otis ONE IoT digital platform, which provides the connected intelligence that defines these elevators. The Otis ONE platform monitors elevator health and performance in real time, 24/7. Otis customers, and the field professionals servicing their units, gain visibility into their entire portfolio and how it’s performing. Through the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, the Otis ONE platform enables service professionals to be proactive, identifying potential problems and addressing them, often remotely, before they cause a service interruption. The technology also makes it possible to resolve many issues remotely and securely.

The platform also enables two-way data, voice and video connectivity between the elevator and Otis command center.

Customers are provided transparent access to their data through a customer portal, and Otis can deliver sustained elevator performance improvement based on data analytics by Otis maintenance experts.

Using cloud-based API technology, the Gen3 elevator platform can integrate with building management software, tenant apps and even autonomous robots to make buildings more efficient. And as needs change and new features emerge, the connected platform allows for the seamless addition of future technologies and capabilities.

In keeping with Otis’ commitment to sustainability, the Gen3 elevator includes the Otis ReGen™ drive, LED lighting and sleep mode to help reduce energy usage and the elevator’s carbon footprint. Sophisticated aesthetics with a range of options offer new, diverse style choices to customize and create a modern, comfortable atmosphere for passengers.

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