YEIDA allocates INR 75 Cr to develop 37 parks near Noida International Airport

The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has allocated a fund of INR 75 crore to enhance the development of 37 parks in urban areas along the Yamuna Expressway, in close proximity to the upcoming Noida International Airport.
The authority has finalised the designs and estimates for these park projects and will initiate the tendering process once the model code of conduct is lifted. Upon contracting the necessary parties, ground work will commence. YEIDA aims to develop a total of 100 parks in the vicinity of the Noida International Airport.
In the first phase, YEIDA will focus on developing 37 out of the 100 park projects to augment the green cover in new urban areas, encompassing residential clusters and industrial sectors. After completing these initial 37 parks, the authority will proceed with the development of the remaining parks in the subsequent phase. Additional funds may be allocated for park development if required at a later stage.
The largest park, Central Park, spanning 14 acre in Block B of Sector 20, will be developed by YEIDA. Its layout plan has been finalised, and the tendering process will commence post the conclusion of the Lok Sabha elections. The remaining 36 parks will be of smaller size. Furthermore, YEIDA has initiated efforts to enhance 63 existing parks with supplementary amenities, including swings and boundary walls.


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