‘We work in close collaboration with the designers, approvers, renowned architects and consultants to offer the best possible security solutions’

Hikvision India has been one of the most sought after security products and solution providers at Pan India level over the period of time. Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt Ltd shares his insights on how their innovative security solutions can complement the interior concepts and designs. He also explains how their solutions can arm the partners with security information and help them build the trust with the clients particularly at the pitching stage in conversation with Tejaswini Paranjape.

How was the journey of Hikvision?
Hikvision India as a corporate entity has traversed a long and illustrious journey filled with many milestones, awards and accolades. Hikvision India is committed to the ‘Make-in-India’ vision with a long term perspective. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Vasai is a living testimony of a phenomenal progress that is happening in the Indian video security products and solutions segment. These solutions are customized for Indian environment and conditions and specific local requirements. Our mission is to be aligned with the government of India’s ‘Make-in-India’ program to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub. Through the local state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, Hikvision India is manufacturing its wide range of products and solutions as per our long term commitment to ‘Make-in-India’ vision. We are setting a gold standard for security product manufacturing in India, while continuously upgrading technology, expanding capabilities and creating new benchmarks. Hikvision India has contributed immensely to the growth of the Indian security industry since its inception. It has developed a Pan-India channel network, branches and 37 RMA service support centers. It has created a robust foundation for the future growth. The development of Hikvision India manufacturing facility was a huge backward integration initiative with a great vision and foresight.

What sparked the idea of Hikvision Smart Solutions?

Hikvision Smart Solution is a rich portfolio of empowering and enabling solutions driven by AIoT technology. The evolution of video security is happening from Analog to IP(Internet Protocol) and IoT(Internet of Things) to AIoT(Artificial Intelligence of Things)-powered applications, our solutions are designed to provide comprehensive, end-to-end capabilities for diverse customers and industries, opening doors for new business opportunities, optimized operations, future-proof processes, and a winning edge in the competition. We are expanding our footprints in the Indian security market by offering smart vertical solutions and wide range of quality products in Video Security, Access Control, Perimeter Security, Intrusion Alarm, Inspection and Storage segments. Our latest video product offerings are having AI and IoT technology enabled applications. Our Machine Vision Products and Mobile Robots are creating new success stories in the Manufacturing, Logistics and E-Commerce sectors. As we embrace technological innovation, and adapt to evolving societal needs, we are witnessing the convergence of advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and big data. These innovations are paving the way for smarter, more proactive, and predictive security solutions.

Could you explain the role of Hikvision in the context of hospitality sector with a case in point?
Hikvision is the leading security OEM brands and a premier security solution provider. We are working with some of the leading international hospitality brands and the renowned hotel chains. Even though hotels offer only temporary hospitality, they are committed to creating the most pleasant experience possible for every guest. But, to create that great experience, they also face many challenges – from staff management to perimeters, property, and operations. Providing a safe and enjoyable customer stay for travellers and groups is critical for hotel security management. Solution for Hotels integrates video security, alarm systems, attractive video displays, and a unified platform to enhance hotel management and security levels. Safety, convenience and efficiency come together in this solution. For the benefit of the end-users, we would be discreet because hospitality security solutions and complex security designs are often customized to suit the specific and special requirements.

Many interior designers/ architects may have worked in close collaboration with you in setting up venues for commercial purposes? Can you elaborate on this?
Yes! We work in close collaboration with the design teams, approvers, renowned architects and consultants to offer the best possible security solutions. Some of the leading Architects and Consultants recommend our products and solutions due to the proven track record. We often collaborate with them for large scale multi-city projects on Pan India basis. It helps to collaborate with them to understand and deliver the bespoke solutions based on safety considerations.

Could you explain what are the considerations in this kind of partnership?
The design and construction of secure and safe buildings (minimal danger or risk of harm) continues to be the primary goal for owners, architects, engineers, project managers, and other stakeholders. A fine balance between the security and safety goals and the other design objectives and needs of the facility can be attained. The establishment of an integrated design process where all of the design team members understand each other’s goals can aid in overcoming these challenges and will lead to the development of a solution which addresses all of the requirements. Consistent with areas of professional responsibility, it is useful to identify four fundamental principles of all-hazard building design:

Plan for Fire Protection: Planning for fire protection for a building involves a systems approach that enables the designer to analyze all
of the building’s components as a total building fire safety system package.
Protect Occupant Safety and Health: Some injuries and illnesses are related to unsafe or unhealthy building design and operation. These can usually be prevented by measures that take into account issues such as indoor air quality, electrical safety, fall protection, ergonomics,
and accident prevention.
∙Natural Hazards Mitigation:​Each year Indian Government pay huge money for recovery efforts, including repairing damaged buildings and infrastructure, from the impacts of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. A significant percentage of this amount could be saved if our buildings properly anticipated the risk associated with major natural hazards.
∙Provide Security for Building Occupants and Assets: Effective secure building design involves implementing countermeasures to deter, detect, delay, and respond to attacks from human aggressors. It also provides for mitigating measures to limit hazards to prevent catastrophic damage and provide resiliency should an attack occur.

What are the steps taken by Interior designers in setting your system in commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants and retail outlets?
As an Interior designer, there are plenty of considerations to make. Including layout and design, colour schemes, health, safety and property security features. This goes for both commercial and domestic interior design. These are 5 key security considerations for security integration in your next interior design plan for commercial spaces and hospitality environments.

Door and window locks and contacts: First, look at the obvious security features that can be implemented like ensuring that windows and doors
can be secured and locked sufficiently. The windows and doors of any property are going to be the primary target for burglars. These are the primary entrance points and as such, stressing the importance of excellent security here will help get you the buy-in you need from your client. Every window and door should be fitted with the latest multi-locking mechanisms as standard. Then, to ensure even more security it would be worth recommending security contacts. When set, any unexpected movement would result in an alarm being triggered.

Intrusion Alarm Systems: Despite having intrusion alarms in place, these are often left inactivated. It’s been observed that homes and commercial properties are often left empty without alarm systems activated.
Motion Sensors: Another opportunity to improve the security of client property is by recommending motion sensors. These clever gadgets are able to monitor the property and detect intruders. Exterior lights are very common with motion sensor technology, but interior sensors can be hooked to alarms and can even be pet friendly. Your client will be able to activate and deactivate motion sensors at will, so they can be protected at night or whenever the property is unoccupied.

Access control and monitors: For high-end domestic properties and business premises, it’s worth giving attention to access control systems. These systems provide excellent security by ensuring only authorised personnel are able to access a building. For commercial properties, employees can be provided with dedicated key cards or pin numbers.

CCTV cameras: CCTV has been used for years and is a very effective to not only deter criminals, but also ensure there is sufficient evidence for a later prosecution. With CCTV cameras, criminals have fewer places to hide, and by recording their actions the footage can be used as some evidence during the forensic investigation. The CCTV cameras don’t have to be overly visible and certainly doesn’t have to dominate the design. In fact, it’s very easy to complement the interior design with pinhole cameras keeping them discreet. Placing visible CCTV externally acts as a sufficient deterrent to criminals. Security cameras can also be integrated with other forms of security, such as monitored alarms.

In conclusion, your ideas don’t have to be overpowered by the integration of security, the security elements can really complement your concepts and by arming yourself with the latest security product information it can really help you during the pitch stage to build trust with your client.

What is your USP?
The quality and durability are the hallmark of Hikvision Products, on the top of it excellent customer support and service excellence are the proven USPs. Hikvision India provides the best quality products embedded with latest technologies and innovative solutions. Technology leadership and quality product manufacturing prowess are the hallmark of Hikvision India. We adhere to the government’s manufacturing guidelines, standards, and policy framework. Delivering reliable products and solutions is the foundation of our customers’ trust. So at Hikvision India, we ensure that quality comes first in everything we do. At the same time, we continually employ innovative technologies to improve quality as well as our testing procedures, offering industry-leading products to the market. Ultimately, we judge our quality management by our customers’ satisfaction, since our goal is to meet their requirements and solve their problems. We keep our focus on customer centricity, product quality and innovation to stay ahead of competition.

What is the business model that drives security industry?
The security industry runs on a B2B business model; it is a product distribution channel model comprising of various channel partners across the regions. Hikvision India is a pure play B2B Security business with channel partners spread across India. Business-to-business (B2B), also called B-to-B, is a form of transaction between businesses, such as one involving a manufacturer and Regional Distributor (RD), or a Sub Regional Distributor (SRD).

How do you ensure sustainability standards as technology solutions provider?
We adhere to key sustainability best practices to comply with sustainability standards. Sustainability and environmental security take center stage, aligning security practices with the broader ESG goals. These trends reflect a proactive stance in addressing evolving threats while promoting user-centric and environmentally conscious security measures. As an organization, we integrate these trends along with our technology innovation and manufacturing roadmap. These steps certainly help bolster the security industry as well as contribute to a safer, more resilient, and sustainable future.

What are the future plans of expansion?
We are working on the elaborate future plan to expand the partner network across India in Tier-II and Tier-III towns to live up to the growing demand in the market. The expansion plans are underway for the ‘Make-in-India’ manufacturing facility. There is more investment and team expansion happening in the R&D Center. We are also expanding our RMA centers to strengthen the service support. There is a renewed focus on skilling and training program to impart the latest product and technology updates to ecosystem partners and security professionals across India. Hikvision India is regularly conducting skilling and training programs across India, these initiatives are driving the electronic security product manufacturing to a new phase of growth. We are consistently contributing to the cause of job creation and employment generation through the manufacturing and allied activities across India.

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