UrbanWrk unveils its new centre at Raheja Mindspace, Hyderabad

UrbanWrk, a leading name in the flexi workspace industry, has inaugurated its new centre at Raheja Mindspace, Hi-Tech City and Hyderabad. The state-of-the-art workspace spans 50,000 square feet and accommodates 900 seats. This initiative aims to serve a wide range of enterprises with employee strength between 50 and 500. In keeping with the company’s track record, this newly launched centre testifies UrbanWrk’s commitment to providing agile work environments that meet the diverse needs of today’s businesses and professionals.
The design embodies a sophisticated minimalism, prioritizing functionality and elegance. Upon entering, the ceiling serves as a clear guide to the lounge’s distinct sections, with wooden rafters integrated with lighting providing efficient pathways to the pantry, café, and games area. The flooring is intentionally understated to maintain a focus on the ceiling’s detailed architecture. A cohesive palette of muted tones is employed for the materials and upholstery, reflecting a professional and polished atmosphere. The placement of columns along the corridor is complemented by corner art frames, facilitating a streamlined flow and allowing viewers to engage with the artwork in an organized manner, enhancing the overall corporate ambiance of the space.
Given the market trends and the prospects of entrepreneurial growth in Hyderabad, this workspace indicates UrbanWrk’s forward-thinking approach. As of 2023, Hyderabad’s flexi space market accounted for 6% of the total flexible office domain penetration in India. Further, according to an industry report, the Indian flex space market is expected to reach the 80 million square feet mark by 2026. Thus in the next two years, this segment of the office real estate market would represent a whopping 9-10% of the entire Grade A office stock in the country. The location of this project has been given a strategic thought as it targets a major Secondary Business District (SBD) of the region. It is worth noting that SBDs account for a major chunk of the country’s flex space needs, given their connectivity facilities, proximity to residential areas, and the potential for expanding physical and social infrastructure.
The main demand drivers include the tech sector (45%), BFSI (15%), and flex spaces (10%), under scoring Hyderabad’s diverse industry landscape. With increasing start-up activity and a robust tech ecosystem, Hyderabad’s flexi workspace industry is set for continued growth.
Anuj Munot, Co-Founder and CEO, of UrbanWrk, said, “We are pleased to bring UrbanWrk’s distinctive blend of agile workspace and community spirit to Hyderabad with the launch of our center at Raheja Mindspace. This world-class workspace will become an ideal location for professionals and businesses alike who are in search of a dynamic and adaptable environment. We have left no stone unturned to ensure that the infrastructure is equipped with all the amenities needed to run a modern enterprise. As one of the prominent tech hubs, Hyderabad’s growth is likely to be on the rise, in turn accelerating the demand for flexi space, especially from multinational companies. We look forward to riding this growth wave.”


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