UltraTech saves 105 million cubic meters water in FY24

UltraTech Cement Ltd has made considerable advancements in sustainability in FY24. The company has saved 105 million cubic meters of water, making it 5 times water-positive, which was exceeding the previous year’s FY23.
This conservation involves recycling and harvesting programs, as well as water usage both within the facilities and in other community programs.
Apart from water conservation, UltraTech Cement has also pledged to go for enhancement of the Biodiversity and Development of the communities.
Some of them are rainwater harvesting, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plants, watershed management projects etc which implies the complete nature of the company.
Besides, water conservation, UltraTech has made a good headway in decarbonisation, energy transition and circular economy.
Specifically, it has lowered carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP and increased the usage of renewable energy and waste.
Apart from efforts to improve organisational performance, the company’s sustainability plan targets providing value to local environments and human beings.
UltraTech maintains its approach to sustainable management of resources across the company, thus underlining its commitment to the cause of environmental conservation.

Source: manufacturingtodayindia.com

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