Todywalla Auction Showcases the Rich Tapestry of Classical Indian Art

The House of Todywalla’s, renowned for its legacy, and pioneers in numismatics (coins and paper money) for over 50 years, announces an exclusive auction that transcends over eleven centuries of Indian Art & Culture. The auction slated for Tuesday 16th April will take place at the Rendezvous, Taj Mahal Palace, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai.
The Todywalla’s have conducted over 200 successful auctions in various categories. Their third auction of Classical Indian Art and Antiquities covers 1100 years of Indian art, from 9th / 10th century stone sculptures to bronzes, paintings and colonial silver.

Auction Highlights
The highlight of the sale is a masterful depiction of Diwali painted by Imperial Mughal artist Muhammad Afzal in the early 18th century. The page that it’s painted on is dated to early 17th century.

Another major highlight is an eleventh-century Pala, Vishnu Stele in impeccable condition. A specimen, far superior and larger than the one at the National Museum, New Delhi which stands as a remarkable repository of India’s rich cultural heritage.
The curation of high-quality works from across India and the globe has ensured that most genres of Indian Paintings are represented in the sales, from Pahari and Mughal paintings to Rajasthani and Company School. One of the highlights is an illustration from the Ramayana with Lord Ram seated with Sita and Lakshman, a 400-year-old painting from Bikaner. The other is Lord Ram vanquishing Ravana in the battlefield, a 200-year-old painting from Kishangarh.

Careful Curation of Objects
The auction is replete with sculptures from different corners of the country and some repatriated from Europe, from 1200-year-old stone sculptures to 300-year-old bronze pieces of different gods and goddesses. From ornate silver jugs to tea sets and centrepieces, and polychrome wooden figures to colorful textiles. Buying a piece of antiquity is akin to holding a piece of culture that we hope our future generations will appreciate as they continuously grow in value.
How it all began
From humble beginnings in 1964, the Todywallas have evolved into one of India’s largest firms specializing in coins and collectibles. Founded by Farokh S. Todywalla, a trailblazer in the field, their journey has shaped them into a leading force with all round expertise. Guided by Malcolm F. Todywalla, M.A. in Numismatics and Archaeology, their continued success is a testament to their commitment to the world of valuable artifacts.

With over two decades of experience, Malcolm has conducted charity auctions, including the Virat Kohli Foundation in association with Smile Foundation, showcasing his commitment to both philanthropy and heritage preservation. Team Todywalla’s dedication to creating value and interest in the field is underscored by their ongoing efforts to repatriate Indian heritage from overseas and to establish an association for Classical Indian Art enthusiasts.
This auction not only presents a unique opportunity to acquire extraordinary artworks but also reflects the Todywallas’ commitment to reclaiming Indian heritage from overseas. Overcoming challenges, they express optimism for a smoother process in the future and appreciate the government’s initiatives to reduce hurdles.
The purpose of auctions like these, along with the Prime Minister’s resolve to repatriate the country’s antiquities from all over the world, aligns with the Todywallas’ small-scale efforts to conduct a ‘Ghar Vapsi’ of antiquities from around the world. Numerous paintings and sculptures in this auction have been imported from across the globe.

Auction Details:
Date and Time: Tuesday, 16th April 2024, 6:00 PM
Location: Rendezvous, Taj Mahal Palace, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai – 400 001
Kalakriti Art Gallery, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad (29th March – 1st April)
Bikaner House, India Gate, New Delhi (5th April – 9th April)
Om Chamber, Kemps Corner, Mumbai 400 026 (10th March – 15th April)

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