Tel-Aviv Museum ranks 75th among world’s top art museums

According to the annual ranking published in the international art magazine The Art Newspaper, the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art is ranked 75th on the list of the hundred most popular art museums in the world based on the highest number of visitors in 2023. The annual ranking includes the number of visitors to museums all over the world.
In the challenging year of 2023, the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art welcomed a staggering nearly one million visitors – 906,350 in total. This remarkable turnout places it among world-renowned institutions such as the Guggenheim, MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the British Museum, and Tate Modern in London. At the pinnacle of the rankings stand the Vatican and the Louvre Museum in Paris, boasting the highest number of visitors globally.
Tania Coen Uzzielli, Director, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art said, “It is exciting and significant to win international recognition these days and to be placed among the leading museums in the world. This achievement gains additional validity because the museum was closed to the public for two whole months with the outbreak of the war. I am grateful to the large crowd of visitors who chose to come to the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art and who continue to visit even in these difficult times. Thanks to them and the creative and valuable work of the museum staff, we continue to be committed to presenting the best local and international art.”

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