Sherwin-Williams launch web-based tool ‘flooring visualizer’

Gone are the days of guesswork and uncertainty in flooring design. With the Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring Visualizer, architects, designers and contractors can easily explore an array of flooring options – from standard designs to personalized blends – and tailor them to their project needs.

The new, free, web-based tool offers customizable features that allow for creative exploration of color combinations and decorative aggregate sizes to bring flooring visions to life.
Designed for convenience and interactivity, and available at, the Sherwin-Williams Flooring Visualizer is fully responsive, allowing users to access the tool seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices.

“The High Performance Flooring Visualizer offers a new approach to conceptualizing flooring solutions with ease while saving time, money and resources,” said Casey Ball, global market director, flooring, Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring. “This tool offers a fun way to discover the perfect look and feel for each unique space – with unprecedented precision and creativity – on phones or computers.”

The visualizer tool incorporates a comprehensive range of Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring options, including decorative flake, quartz, metallic and solid-colored systems, and is the only tool of its kind to offer visualization of terrazzo systems.
The design platform comes preloaded with 13 common commercial and industrial settings, including school, hospital, lobby, pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, walkway and other environments. Additionally, users have the option to upload pictures of their own interiors for real-time visualization.

The tool’s customization options are extensive and flexible, allowing users to adjust colors, flake sizes, textures (coarse or fine) and blends for aggregates. With a full selection of the 140 colors for flake chips and 47 colors for quartz available from Sherwin-Williams in custom blends, users have the option of incorporating multiple colors into a floor – tailoring each system to preferred specifications. That also includes 51 standard and unlimited custom terrazzo blends incorporating adjustable base colors and aggregate sizes and colors.

“This tool is easy to use and gives customers full control to create their preferred designs,” said Ball. “With our commitment to user-centric design, the High Performance Flooring Visualizer empowers anyone to enhance and refine interiors with unparalleled ease and precision, streamlining the approval process for all involved.”

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