Rang Mirage Art Gallery organises panel discussion with Architects and Artists

Rang Mirage Art Gallery, hosted an interactive Panel Discussion with renowned architects and artists on how harmony is created in a space using the art, architecture and ancient culture. The Panelists included renowned architect Swanzal Kak Kapoor, upcoming architect Pragya Bharti and the famous artist Gopal Namjoshi. The discussion was moderated by Author & Architect Suneet Paul alongwith Artist, Curator and Founder of the gallery, Adhvika Agarwal according to a press release.

The discussion delved into how art intersects with architecture in the pursuit of harmony in the cosmos. It turned out to be very exciting and informative, involving, both the experienced as well as the young professionals in the field. “Architects have the power to create spaces that resonate with the fundamental rhythms of the universe, integrating art adds another layer of richness to the exploration of harmony in the cosmos from an architectural perspective. Art has always been intertwined with architecture, serving as a means of expression, storytelling, and cultural reflection”, said Adhvika Agarwal, Artist, Curator and Founder of Rang Mirage Art Gallery.

“Harmonious spaces that resonate with repose, timelessness and beauty emerge when there is an alignment between values, material, culture, place, ecology and functional needs. Weaving the whole together through an intuitive process of selecting form, volume, texture, colour and light to create spatial experiences that amplify energy and have an emotive quality is at the heart of sensitive practice. Art is an integral element that has the potential to unite, transmute and revitalise space”, said Architect Swanzal Kak Kapoor.

Talking about how art has the ability to enhance the aura of a space, Artist Gopal Namjoshi explained, “Every space is a part of Cosmic energy. if you understand that what kind of energy is there and using authentic and sustainable materials can enhance more powerfully feelings and spiritual practice of the particular place”.
“I don’t see Art & Architecture a seperate subject. According to me Architecture is another form of Art that we live in. Art and architecture collaborate to capture the cosmic harmony, mirroring the intricate patterns and rhythms of the universe where all Structures and artworks exemplify the interconnectedness of all things, imbuing our world with equilibrium and elegance”, said Architect Pragya Bharati.

Appreciating the gallery’s endeavour of bringing forth the mystic rapport between art, architecture and nature, the co-moderator Suneet Paul, Author & Architect, congratulated the panelists for the invigorating panel discussion bringing in a holistic and spiritual flavour to the theme. “The creative aura of the spaces and the artwork in the gallery added a newer meaning to the theme – Harmony in the Cosmos”, he added.

Among the guests were the young and enthusiastic bunch of Architects, Interior Designers and Artists, who gained immensely from the views of young and experienced.

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