Manipal School of Architecture & Planning announces Open House on March 28

The Manipal School of Architecture and Planning, a part of MAHE, Manipal, has invited prospective students and their families for its Open House event on Thursday, March 28 from 9:30 AM to 5 PM. Attendees will have the exclusive chance to experience the world-class educational center, which boasts of an exotic context with the breathtaking backdrop of the Western Ghats. This setting provides an inspiring glimpse into the rigorous and rewarding field of architecture and design.

During the Open House, visitors will enjoy personal interactions with our esteemed faculty, offering insights into the educational journey. The event will provide an in-depth understanding of the institute and comprehensive overviews of the diverse courses offered. Guests will have the opportunity to walk through the campus, including hostels and playgrounds, experiencing the vibrant student life and facilities firsthand. Additionally, the event will offer opportunities to network and engage with current students, gaining real-world perspectives on the school’s community and academic environment.

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