Lucent Lights up The Boathouse Cafe, enhances architectural features of the building

Lucent Lighting has completed a lighting installation for The Boathouse Cafe, a new independent café on the banks of the River Wey, which opened its doors last year to introduce Soulspace, an independent members’ club, coworking space, event hire area and café.

The Boathouse features beautiful, sustainable design from the Interior Design agency Raw Clay that uses natural materials and responsible sourcing, taking inspiration from the river. Lighting Design studio Mistry Lighting created a lighting scheme which encompasses the entire building, featuring architectural lighting, hospitality lighting and commercial lighting. Mistry Lighting specified elegant lighting solutions from Lucent Lighting to meet the requirements of each distinctive space.

The lighting design enhances the interior and architectural features of the building. Layered lighting produces a creative and inspiring office environment to work in; the low-level decorative lighting brings comfort into the space, while table lamps provide additional task lighting when required. Pre-programmed lighting scenes within meeting rooms grant the user full flexibility to change the colour temperature and intensity of light levels to suit their requirements.

The Boathouse Café is cleverly illuminated to bring out the stunning architectural and interior features of the space, providing an ambient atmosphere for drinks, and dining and accommodating events held in the restaurant.


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