Kosmos Architects design’ Oak Dice’ that shapes up with human rotation

Swiss firm Kosmos Architects unveiled Dice, a versatile oak furniture piece doubling as a stool, coffee table, lamp, or footrest. Weighing 10.5 kilograms, it boasts a “warm” oak frame with subtle chequerboard patterns.
“Throw the dice, and this project will take a new shape depending on how the user rotates it,” said Kosmos Architects, which named Dice after the numbered cube often used in games of chance.
Featuring a triangular lamp at one leg’s tip, Dice offers flexible functionality when tipped on various sides.
“We made the lamp removable so that there are no electrical cords and to make the object independent,” Architect Leonid Slonimskiy said.
Dice was CNC-milled from a stack of solid oak pieces with a multi-axis milling machine
“The robotic arm cut away pieces of wood with a rotating drill until the shape got smoother, and then we manually sanded and oiled the piece,” he explained.
“Dice combines new technologies and handcraft,” he added.
“The furniture has a clear purpose but is supposed to be interpreted by the owner,” continued Kosmos Architects. “It is a sculpture and at the same time a pragmatic piece of furniture.”
Additionally, Kosmos Architects introduced a silver “carry-on bag” for Dice, enhancing its portability.

Source: Dezeen

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