KOKET Launches Two New Wallpaper Designs

KOKET is adding two seductive new wallpaper patterns to its decadent collection of feathered wallcoverings. Tartan Faucon and Misty Guinea are the names chosen to the new designs incorporating the brand’s textiles collection. A new kind of exotic flair with gold undertones and brown accents is added to a collection that, now, includes a dozen of sensuous option to choose from. Composed of natural feathers combined in various mesmerizing patterns, KOKET’s feathers are available by the panel – to use as wallpaper for walls – or as a finish to chair backs, armoires, tabletops and bar cabinets.

Once feathers get broken from wind or water, they can be repaired by being smoothed over. The individual threads work like zippers to piece together intricate patterns of feather wallpaper with a large range of hues.

The brands desire to work with feathers and unusual materials comes from the Founder and CEO’s, Janet Morais, admiration for fashion and the great masters of Haute-Couture. Drama-loaded plumage-trimmed skirts, degrade feather dresses and capes, seen at Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Paris Haute Couture, further inspired KOKET to expand its feather collection.

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