Avās Living – An Ultra Luxury Living Project in Alibaug

Founded by entrepreneur Aditya Kilachand, Avās Living is a first-of-its-kind ultra-luxury wellness community with residential villas and a state of the art wellness center and spa in Alibaugh.

The notion behind Avās Living is rooted in the amalgamation of two concepts – luxury developments and holistic wellness which aims to create a community of conscious explorers who believe in a constant state of wellbeing as well as seek a customised approach to wellness. This approach to holistic wellness is reflected in the layout and planning of the community which allows each homeowner the privacy they seek along with a like minded community they can reach out to when they feel the need. The property addresses the core function of design, ergonomy and architecture which intrinsically connects well-being into living environments. In each luxury villa, the nonchalance of Californian design interacts with the romantic minimalism of the Konkan Coast and has a variety of configurations available including options of 3, 4, or 5 bedrooms.

Following a biophilic design philosophy, Avas Living incorporates technology to make the villas Well homes ensuring optimum air quality, water quality and other elements to improve health, sleep, and mood. The interiors of each open plan villa are tailored to the requirements of their owners and incorporate the latest technological advancements with a nod towards the raw earthy textures and thoughtful minimalism surrounding every villa. A special corner dedicated to wellness and well-being has been ergonomically designed, where vintage charm meets contemporary luxury.

Avās Living has teamed with SAOTA, a globally renowned architectural firm to design the villas. A few notable names from SAOTA – Stefan Antoni, Philip Olmesdahl, Greg Truen, Phillippe Fouche, and Mark Bullivant are the driving force behind the project, based in South Africa. Their distinct design is a wonderful complement for Avās Living, combining cutting-edge modernism and technology with a superb appreciation for distinctive locales.

Embraced by warmth, hospitality, and an appreciation of the arts, Avas in Alibaug has been transformed into a rejuvenating luxury getaway welcoming city weary folks and giving them a chance to relax and rejuvenate in the restorative air of the Baugh.

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