KMC Requires Fortnightly Reports for Strengthened Building Surveillance

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has mandated that architects and engineers contracted by plot owners for building construction, and who are signatories on the building permits issued by the KMC, must submit bi-weekly progress reports.

This requirement aims to ensure diligent oversight of construction activities and the use of high-quality materials. Officials anticipate that this measure will enhance scrutiny and minimize deviations from KMC-approved plans.
Licensed Building Surveyors (LBS), who are engineers, are permitted by the KMC to design and plan buildings up to five storeys in height. For buildings taller than five storeys, only architects empanelled by the KMC are authorized to design. However, empanelled architects can also design structures up to five storeys high.

A senior KMC official highlighted that despite signing permits issued by the civic body, many architects and engineers neglect supervision of construction post-permit acquisition.

“This may lead to the possibility of construction materials of poor quality being used. The fortnightly reports will make architects and engineers more accountable for the construction,” the official said.

“They are empanelled with us, which is why they are able to design and plan a building within the KMC area. To us, they represent the plot owner,” said the official.

“They also collect a fee from the plot owner. They are accountable to the KMC as well as the plot owner. It is their responsibility to ensure that the building is being constructed according to the approved plan. They should also make sure that proper materials are being used.”

The decision to seek fortnightly reports comes in the wake of the collapse of a five-storey under-construction building in Garden Reach’s Azhar Molla Bagan around midnight on March 17, killing 12 people.
The Garden Reach building was constructed without any permission from the KMC, officials said. There are many buildings across the city portions of which are built illegally.

Metro reported about a six-storey building in Bowbazar whose developer had the KMC’s permission for four storeys. Two more floors were added illegally and the KMC demolished them.

“Adding floors illegally is common. Architects or licensed building surveyors will be held responsible for such violations. We may even cancel their licence so they can no longer work in the KMC area,” said the official.
The provision to cancel the licence issued by KMC was there but the civic body is planning to issue a communique to remind the professionals that they will face action if there is any violation in the projects they are associated with. (Source: The Telegraph India)

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