Jim Bassett Appointed Director of Virginia Tech’s School of Architecture

Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture, Arts, and Design has appointed Jim Bassett as the new director of the School of Architecture, positioning him to enhance the school’s influence on a global level.

Previously serving as associate professor of architecture, Bassett has been fulfilling the role of interim director since August 2022. This appointment came in the wake of the college’s restructuring, which amalgamated performing and visual arts with design disciplines while preserving its legacy of architectural innovation. Bassett’s stewardship during this transitional period has been instrumental in providing vital support to the institution.

“The restructuring of the college has revealed opportunities for new collaborations, but it has also given us the chance to rethink existing relationships and to make them stronger,” said Bassett. “These strengthened relationships are foundational to advancing research and creative scholarship, professional development, and our unique strengths as a community of teaching, learning, and creative practice.”

As director, Bassett is ready to collaborate with faculty, alumni, students, staff, and the dean’s office to expand the depth and breadth of the school’s reputation.

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