Interior Design Project :The DLF Westend Heights Project by Interior Designer Shagun Singh

The DLF Westend Heights Project by Interior Designer Shagun Singh

Each space was very minutely thought through especially all the storage areas be it the kitchen , wardrobes or the study room. Each shelf, each drawer, each cupboard was made with a specific purpose in mind and to store very specific items. The client’s in-depth analysis on space usage was really very impressive . A young couple with a great love for cooking gave us an opportunity to make a very different kitchen with different materials. They also didn’t want to play of too many textures or colors and were clear on wanting to work with pastels and monochrome finishes.

Their home has a very Scandinavian design sensibility to it, elegant and yet simple and honestly there is always something nice about working with pastels and white. Gives a feeling of space and makes everything seem much larger, some may argue that it’s too cold and I was fearful of that but honestly when it all came together it was really very lovely .

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