Ikea UK partners with Woodgreen Pets Charity, unveils Utsadd pet collection

Ikea collaborated with Woodgreen Pets Charity recently to launch their pet collection ‘Utsadd’. This new collection offers a range of objects for cats and dogs imagined for ‘eating, sleeping, playing, and hiding’, and developed in collaboration with a team of veterinarians and pet experts. Cats and dogs which need to be rescued for re-settlement model this new collection.
The Utsådd range all pets essentials: in the 29-piece collection that includes striped bowls, a rattan dog bed and cushion, a tepee-like cat house and a series of soft dogs toys as well as a scratching board for cats. Each of the items is playfully modelled by the charity’s pets, from 4-weeks-old Tiny Moon (a cup-sized black cat peeking from the felt tent) to 4-month-old Teddy (an energetic German Shepherd) and 2-year-old Lurcher Cloud.
As much as promoting the Ikea Utsådd collection for pets, the campaign (split into a ‘Cat-Alogue’ and ‘Dog-Alogue’) aims at raising awareness on rescue pets. ‘In 2023, Woodgreen saw a 62% increase in abandoned pets as well a huge increase (253% year-on-year) in people looking to give up their pet due to financial reasons, primarily the rising cost of living,’ reads a note accompanying the images. ‘Last year alone, a total of 8,821 pets were helped through the charity’s service. The collaboration with Ikea UK aims to support Woodgreen’s mission of giving thousands of pets a brighter future, through safe shelter and specialist care.’
As much as we love furniture, it’s family that makes a home and that includes our furry, four-legged friends,’ reads the catalogue’s introduction. ‘Pets hold such an important place in many homes, so we’ve teamed up with Woodgreen Pets Charity to showcase their su-paw-stars putting the Utsådd range to the test. In doing so, we hope to also help more pets find new homes and raise awareness of the charity’s work in helping pets and their people.
All furniture and accessories from the catalogue has been donated by Ikea to Woodgreen’s pet rehoming centre.

Source: wallpaper.com

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