Hafele unveils Terra Quartz Surfaces

Amazing modern and rustic luxury kitchen with vaulted ceiling and wooden beams, long island with white quarts countertop and dark wood cabinets.

Terra, Hafele’s in-house range of premium surfaces, showcased at its booth in Indiawood 2022, defines all that is “Häfele” – it comes with Hafele’s promise of exceptional German quality; its legacy of understanding kitchens; its expertise in engineered stone materials; and its commitment to service.

Terra is a Quartz dominated surface range (with a 20 mm thickness) that is immensely strong, versatile and creatively workable for a wide array of home applications. While kitchen countertops take a prominent spot in this list of applications, Terra also creates possibilities in Wall-cladding, Kitchen backsplashes and Bathroom countertops across the home. This surface can also find an ideal space in Office reception counters, Restaurant bar counters or even backsplashes and wall-claddings in hotel lobbies and rooms.

The surfaces are food-grade safe and extremely easy to clean, maintain and use. They come with a uniform and high colour consistency owing to the patented Breton Technology. Due to the inherent properties of quartz, Terra surfaces are non-porous as well as anti-bacterial, making them 100% safe, hygienic and long-lasting. They are also extremely immune to varying temperatures and do not decompose or change character when exposed to anything too hot or too cold.

Terra offers 14 elegant yet contemporary colours that add to the versatility of this range. Each colour has a soul and unique characteristic of its own. If you missed visiting the Indiawood Exhibition 2022 or want to relive some of the concepts that were expressed through the Hafele DNA theme at the Hafele Booth, you can visit https://hafeleindia.co.in/indiawood-2022 and get all the information you need.

More about the Terra Colours:

Alba White:

“Less is more” – a trend that is redefining home interiors with minimalistic design, clean straight lines and a seamless flow of uniform tonality. Terra’s Alba White encompasses all these traits of minimalism with its fresh, pristine white colour that runs uniformly across the surface. A great companion to modern contemporary kitchens and other areas of the home, fetching for a simplistic design that never goes out of fashion.


Woody interiors are taking a strong position in the list of trends that are reshaping homes today. Be it wood laminates on kitchen shutters, or cabin-like wooden flooring; wood and wooden tones are seen everywhere around us. Keeping this trend in mind, Terra’s warm and woody Cinnamon shade imparts the right texture and colour tonality to bring in an essence of nature within your homes.

Himalayan White:

White never goes out of fashion; and is still a favourite colour among Designers today. So much so, that this simple neutral tone has now adopted variations in shades and textures so as to match the exact design idea that’s brewing. Terra’s Himalayan White is one such example for a warmer white shade that imparts immediate comfort and serenity to its surroundings. It is ideal for creative and simple designs and imparts a soothing balance to darker tones around it.


Pastels are yet another favourite among designers and have been in the race for years at stretch. They impart character to any interior space and truly individualize it to a specific style. Terra’s Eggnog is a creamy pastel shade interspersed with blending white veins that has the potential of becoming a top favourite among Designers who are looking for something original yet different.

Moon White:

This calming shade of white with a detailed spread of fine grains forms an immediate connect with the therapeutic moonlight that beautifully contrasts the night. Terra’s Moon White imparts poise and enamour to any environment that it is applied to. It can accentuate the look of light tones or even beautifully contrast darker tones of any interior room or area.

Vena Oro:

Copper and Rose Gold are trending colours in home interiors and are definitely being experimented with in Kitchens, Living rooms and even Bedrooms. Bringing a subtle whiff of copper and gold as intricate veins running on a virgin white back-shade is what defines Terra’s Vena Oro, making it a truly unique, stylish and trendy surface to apply to any home setting.

Cinder Grey:

The ultimate surface shade that complements the latest trend of dark earthy hues in home interiors is Terra’s Cinder Grey. With a Dark Grey base shade and a generous spread of Light Grey granules that provide an even texture, this elegant surface can also beautifully contrast lighter designs for those who want to keep it traditional.

Gris Royale:

An absolute companion to woody interiors, Terra’s Gris Royale adds subtlety and minimalism to any given space. A light grey base with dark veins that cut across the length of the surface, make this shade relatable and real.

Nebula White:

Acing the interplay of dark and white in a sophisticated and elegant design is Terra’s Nebula White. A pure white base that reflects soft shadows of greyish veins, this shade is probably the most unique among the many reflections of Terra.

Crema Dolce:

The beige base and creamy veins of Terra’s Crema Dolce will definitely remind you of the calming hues of the twilight where light cloudy threads cut across a brownish sky. This shade breaks the monotony of white-toned interiors by adding a splash of elegant drama and hue.


The dark matt finish of Terra’s Carbonite lends an elegant Industrial look to any interior space. When you want rugged interiors that blend the light shades with the dark impeccably, Terra’s Carbonite can be your perfect choice.


A cotton-white soft base with a detailed grey texture can best define Terra’s Cemento. The beauty about this shade is that it changes its hue with the changing throw of natural light as the day goes by – a vibrant white in the morning sun and a calming grey as the night settles in.


Another shade that’s inspired by nature is Terra’s Stonica. Its light grey shade with minute grains and smooth texture will remind of the cool shimmering sand at a beach. A perfect choice for earthy interiors!

Olympia Gold:

Terra’s Olympia Gold exudes sheer extravagance and luxury. The pure white base with brown and golden veins brings elegance to any interior design. It’s rich finish elevates the exuberance of the interior space and lends a classy zing to it.

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